Law by Law, Funding the Police

Almost every district uses tickets and court fines to fund the police and the court system. This is an obvious conflict of interest. With higher speed limits there are fewer speeding tickets, and budgets are tight, so what to do? Go after black people for smoking weed? We need to take money out of the equation completely.

Where then does the money go? If you accept the premise that probation should be free, then perhaps this money should fund the probationary system. A drug testing center does not decide who is guilty and who needs drug testing, hence the system remains arms-length. At the same time, if crime can be reduced in a county, something we all hope for, then there is less money for probation, but there is also less need for probation, so the system remains in equilibrium. That's just one idea; it's perfectly fine if the tickets fund the local library; as long as they don't fund the police who are writing them. So far no state has the courage to recognize this.

map of states where tickets and fines do not fund the polices

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Please send along any corrections or new information. I am not always up to date on all the laws in all 50 states.

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