Law by Law, Marajuana Harassment

Does your state have onerous laws regarding the sale and use of marajuana? This is a subjective question, and thus it may be difficult to assign a color to a state objectively. Here is perhaps a better formulation of the question. Has your state enacted laws regarding the sale or use of marajuana that are inconsistent with the laws surrounding other medications? In many cases the answer is yes. The public has approved marajuana, at least for medical use, but the legislature is not happy with the public mandate, so they place burdensome regulations on dispensaries and ridiculous laws on consumers. For example, Michigan passed a law that forces consumers to transport their medical marajuana in the trunk or in a locked box. Meantime you can buy Xanax or Oxycodone (schedule II) at your pharmacy, and drive home with the drugs in your purse, sitting on your lap. The michigan legislature focuses on marajuana simply because they don't like it, end of story. This law, and others of its ilk, allow the police to charge and arrest black people, "your weed was not in the trunk", while white drivers sail on by with clouds of smoke billowing out the window. Fortunately this "marajuana in the trunk" law has since been repealed, but other laws remain, and the harassment continues, at the state and local levels. I know one black person who is facing a year in jail for smoking legally, with his med card. They made up some bull shit about Operating While Intoxicated, and that's one more nigger in jail.

Turning to the suppliers, dispensaries are constantly raded by federal, state, and local governments, and cities often enact ordinances to keep them out. "Not in my back yard!" There may be only 7 cities in your state that have active dispensaries, while there is a pharmacy on every street corner. I think that satisfies the definition of "inconsistent", don't you?

I am not able to gather this information from the Internet, so I will assume, at the outset, that recreational states are sufficiently enlightened that they do not harass sellers and consumers. Those states are left green. Most medical states still look down on marajuana however - certainly Michigan does. If a state is yellow then I don't have any information on that. I'm relying on you, the reader, to let me know about conditions in your state.

If marajuana is not legal at all, then the question of harassment is not applicable. Such states are left white. Only the states where marajuana is legal (see the previous page) are assigned a color.

The federal government harasses dispensaries on a regular basis, since, in their eyes, the product is illegal. Thus we start out with a big red block.


map of states where marajuana is not harassed

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Please send along any corrections or new information. I am not always up to date on all the laws in all 50 states.

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