Law by Law, For Profit Prisons

There's nothing wrong with capitalism, nothing wrong with for-profit companies meeting a need in the most efficient way possible - but remember, those companies inevitably turn around and create or enhance the "need". That's why there are commercials on TV. When we just don't have time to cook there is a genuine need for fast food, but restaurants spend billions on advertising to ramp up this need. That's fine if we're talking about a Big Mac, but when we're locking people in cages, we can't let corporations escalate the prison population. This is so horrific, the federal government should not just look the other way and let the states decide; it should come down squarely on the side of justice and make private prisons iillegal across the land. The Department of Justice is taking a bold step in this direction, phasing out private prisons for certain federal inmates.

"federal prisons run by private companies are substantially less safe and secure than ones run by the Bureau of Prisons, and feature higher rates of violence and contraband. … riots at these facilities … are often sparked by substandard food and medical care and generally poor conditions."

Unfortunately the vast majority of inmates are housed at the state level. the federal government should outlaw the practice nationwide, but in the meantime, our states should phase out private prisons as soon as possible. A few states are making progress, as per this report.


map of states with no private prisons

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Please send along any corrections or new information. I am not always up to date on all the laws in all 50 states.

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