Law by Law, Traffic Stop Review

What if an unbiased, impartial review board affirmed or rejected each traffic stop in real time? That would be a game changer!

The police can't unwrite a ticket, (or so they claim), and judges and prosecutors, who are "tough on crime", rarely dismiss charges after the fact. Once a ticket is issued or a charge is levied it's really too late. There is no undo command. If you're rich, and can hire a good lawyer, you can bond yourself out of jail, and argue, weeks later, that the stop was invalid, but you and I don't have that kind of money. We need an impartial review of the traffic stop in real time, even before the policeman runs the license. All he can do is say "Good morning" - until he receives a ruling on the stop.

There will be tremendous pushback. The police will pee and moan about how hard their job is, how stressful, and "Those bleeding-heart liberals are erecting a swarm of technicalities to let the criminals escape justice." I can hear the sound bites now. In reality, power corrupts, and the police are intoxicated with it. This was demonstrated conclusively by the Zimbardo Stanford Prison Experiment. They pull people over for any reason at all, even something as pathetic as, "You looked suspicious." Proactive video review of all traffic stops, or at least those involving minorities, may be one of the most important changes in our legal system. 21st century technology makes it possible - let's make it so.

map of states where traffic stops are reviewed in real time

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Please send along any corrections or new information. I am not always up to date on all the laws in all 50 states.

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